Hello guys,

As you probably know over the last few days the Alps got a big dump of fresh snow… and so did we here in Mauterndorf! If you’re not afraid of diving into the downy snow blanket that’s covering the backcountry as well as the slopes then you should think about hitting the mountains. But hurry! Only the early bird catches the first line.

It’s also the perfect time of year to bring your grandparents with you and prove their stories about ‚good old times‘ and ‚the amount of snow we used to have back in my day‘ wrong by getting them out and about in the powder! Until January 24th (2013), they can buy their ski pass at children’s prices. For precise rates and terms of conditions check out the website of the Grosseck Bergbahnen.

Have a good week
See you on the mountain

St. Wolfgang Mauterndorf

St. Wolfgang Kirche Mauterndorf

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